These free online glossaries, plot synopses and short biography of Shakespeare are the first of many free teaching resources for you to download and print for your students. The illustrated glossaries feature straightforward definitions and clarifications of Shakespeare's words. We have also noted where the language relates to the play in performance and have included some interesting facts behind some of the words and phrases that Shakespeare used to get the more advanced Shakespeare scholars thinking.

You can book a Manga Shakespeare workshop or interactive lecture on the set sections, but availability is limited.


Resource pack #1 for use on Interactive Whiteboards

Contains manga character images for Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, Julius Caesar, The Tempest for use in classroom teaching SelfMadeHero Website

SelfMadeHero has teamed up with Promethean, a global leader in interactive classroom solutions whose products are revolutionizing the way people learn around the world. Distributed through a network of partners, Promethean products inspire over 10 million children in more than 80 countries.


Promethean has collaborated on the creation of new interactive digital teaching resources, which will work on any brand of interactive whiteboard to help you teach Shakespeare through manga in your English classes.


We’re pleased to announce that that the following resources will be featured on the Promethean website,, from August. Promethean Planet is the largest online community of teachers using whiteboards.


Over 150,000 teachers use this website to download hundreds of free lesson resources, exchange ideas in the forum and get inspiration for interactive teaching in their classrooms. Watch this website for details of our forthcoming Manga Shakespeare competition and download your free guide to using Manga in the classroom, along with our exclusive digital resource packs for your interactive whiteboard.

Manga Shakespeare has its very own social network that pupils can visit to read ongoing production blogs from SelfMadeHero’s manga artists. This invaluable and continually building resource features:
• Preparatory sketches and artist’s comments about the adaptation process
• Video and images connected with the series and Shakespeare
• Updates on the Manga Shakespeare cosplay competition
• Exclusive sneak peeks of new titles in the series
• Production blogs