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"Patrick Warren... presents a dark, foreboding medieval England where deception and lies seem commonplace. He chillingly captures the emotion and conflict within the characters, and draws out the dramatic and cinematic quality of the play.

Richard III includes more than the play. At the beginning of the book there is a list of characters with their defining lines and a Royal family tree. This gives the characters context.

The book and its series should appeal to students and Manga fans. It certainly encouraged me, as someone who does not read Shakespeare for leisure at home, to do so. Manga Shakespeare is also an accessible introduction to the study of Shakespeare’s original text"
- Simon Barrett, (July 2008)

“I AM DETERMINED TO PROVE A VILLAIN,” Richard III vows from the start. He seizes the English Crown by plotting the murders of his brother, his nephew and niece, the sons of his brother King Edward IV and poisoning his own wife. Richard’s defeat at Bosworth in 1485 ended the internecine Wars of the Roses and began the Tudor reign. This epic history play portrays a scheming and seductive rogue in one of the bloodiest chapters of the British monarchy.

Set in medieval times, this version of Richard III combines classic Shakespeare with manga visuals to reveal the power of the ‘dark side’.


Patrick Warren is from Hammersmith in London and is currently studying Animation at the University of Westminster. He was a winner of Tokyopop’s first UK Rising Stars of Manga competition in 2006. His interest in Japan began when he was 8 and he had started doodling manga by the time he was 15. Patrick’s influences include manga artists such as Hiroaki Samura, Tite Kubo, Oh! Great and Western artists such as Frank Miller and his own father.
Richard III is Patrick’s first full-length illustration work.



Series title:
Manga Shakespeare
Book title:
Richard III
Original author:
William Shakespeare
Adapted by:
Richard Appignanesi
Illustrated by:
Patrick Warren

UK Publication date:
September 2007
148 x 210mm
Black & white,
9-page colour section
Manga / Graphic Novels
/ Shakespeare / Children