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"SelfMadeHero's manga versions seem to have found a productive niche, expanding from four titles in 2007 to fourteen this year... the action is rendered in manga's traditional black and white and the text is abridged so things fairly rattle along."


"Shakespeare's tale of shipwrecks, thwarted love and mistaken identity is given a... steampunk setting it's not a revelatory shift, but it does give Nana Li's perky, vibrant pen something to play with: Viola scoots from castle to castle in a biplane, blazer-clad fool Feste rides a unicycle and Malvolio, convinced of his mistress's love, flies out of earth's orbit."
The Guardian, Review (October 2009)


Shakespeare turned a tale of unrequited love, family dispute and fatal shipwreck into a miraculously evergreen Christmas favourite. At the beginning of the story, everyone is alone; at the end, everyone – well, almost everyone – has found their other half...


Nana Li is a UK-based illustrator and comic artist, with a degree in engineering. Her prime source of inspiration has always been manga or manga-influenced art, although she also finds a lot of inspiration in game, movies, fashion, culture, concept and classical art. Nana runs workshops on manga and comic creation for libraries, schools and events in general in the UK.
NANA's work has been published in the manga anthology Mammoth's Book of Best New Manga 2 and was one of the winning entries in NEO Magazine 2007 competition. She is the grand prize winner of Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga UK. Among some of her favourite comics are Sanctuary, Naruto, Bleach, Rin!

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Series title:
Manga Shakespeare
Book title:
Twelfth Night
Original author:
William Shakespeare
Adapted by:
Richard Appignanesi
Illustrated by:
Nana Li

UK Publication date:
September 2009
148 x 210mm
Black & white,
9-page colour section
Manga / Graphic Novels
/ Shakespeare / Children