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"Many aspects of this play work especially well in a manga format. The story is vividly brought to life as readers observe the emotional tension between Oliver and Orlando; the close relationship between Rosalind and Celia; and the high-action wrestling match between Charles and Orlando. Readers are made aware that this is an intelligent woman who knows her own mind. Using an entirely different style of graphic art for Jacques' famous "All the world's a stage" speech, Corin's account of the slaying of the deer and Oliver's retelling of Orlando's encounter with the lion help readers visualize these "stories within the story." Those who have prior exposure to it or who are willing to invest in some background preparation will enjoy this delightful re-creation of Shakespeare's exploration of the tractable nature of the human heart and the delights of love."
- School Library Journal, Barbara M. Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY Read Article


"Using impressively effortless style, Kutsuwada transports the action of this venerable comedy to modern day Asia where the story of feuding families sits well as a kind of  triade/yakuza tale... fine work indeed. Another charming addition to the Manga Shakespeare range"
- NEO magazine 'The Best Manga of 2009' feature (February 2009)

“ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE, AND ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS.” As You Like It, Shakespeare's popular pastoral comedy, is an unconventional love story that follows the trials and tribulations of the characters in their quest for love from court to country. As the story develops, Shakespeare examines the malleable nature of the human experience, its artifice and the consequences of banishment. In this uplifting manga version, the Arcadian beauty of the forest of Arden is transposed to modern-day China, where rural and urban worlds collide.


Chie Kutsuwada is a member of UMISEN-YAMASEN, a group of young Japanese Manga artists that have based in London since Spring 2006. Chie's work, like that of the UMISEN-YAMASEN collective is often cute, cool, funny but always unique and original. She has contributed to many exhibitions in London including group exhibitions at the Waterloo Gallery, The London Institute Gallery, Chambers Gallery and Unit 2 Gallery. Her first solo exhibition was in 2003 at London's Window Gallery. In 2005 Chie won The Royal College of Art Society and Thames & Hudson Art Book Prize and the Printmakers Council Award. In 2007 she was chosen as a runner-up in London's Embassy of Japan – Manga Jiman national manga competition. Chie draws digitally using a graphics tablet and had an extended piece of manga published in Best New Manga 2 in 2007.

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Series title:
Manga Shakespeare
Book title:
As You Like It
Original author:
William Shakespeare
Adapted by:
Richard Appignanesi
Illustrated by:
Chie Kutsuwada

UK Publication date:
January 2009
148 x 210mm
Black & white,
9-page colour section
Manga / Graphic Novels
/ Shakespeare / Children